Composer, arranger, musician, creator, and multi-instrumentalist. A wide range of musical influences, from Broadway to ballet, classical to choral, hybrid trailers to reflective solo piano. World influences from Russia, Europe, South Asia and the Malay Peninsula.


With more than five decades of musicianship, there is no doubt that Art Turner has the technical skills to compose and produce music for film, TV or new media. Thanks to rigorous training in piano, violin, trombone and guitar, Art not only plays all of these instruments like a seasoned professional, but he is also able to inject realism into his virtual arrangements because he understands the limitations of human players.


Benefiting from a combination of post-graduate courses and direct instruction from industry professionals, Art's technical knowledge of producing ready-to-sync licensed music means your media project will never be delayed waiting for the right music stems or requested frame rate. Art's passion is getting it right the first time, providing music that nails the emotions you're looking for and only enhances--never overwhelms--your visual artistry..

Art writes music that is sometimes dark and foreboding, but his music has also been described as uplifting and inspirational. He specializes in hybrid trailers, tension and dramatic cues, and contemplative solo piano, but has proven himself in a wide variety of genres.

Tension Cue Placed on Lifetime Network

Hybrid instrumentation provided necessary tension in two different episodes of Lifetime's American Beauty Star.

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